A caring neighbor not only called Animal Aid to report this injured dog but he stayed with him until our ambulance came, making sure he wouldn’t run away. While pain would have made any dog snappy, this sweetheart was easy to rescue and went right into the ambulance without a fuss.

His wound was even worse than it first appeared and it was clear that the infection would have spread and he wouldn’t have survived many more days without treatment. He didn’t like his wound-dressing at first, understandably, but within a few days he seemed to know that they were helping him get better. Meet this handsome boy Smiley today!

Such a large wound this pup had to endure. We need more rescue organizations like Animal Aid in all cities to help countless helpless street animals. Thank you for rescuing this pup and many more🙏🙏🙏
Yikes. Imagine losing your entire scalp and having to walk around with the infected wound for who knows how long. So happy to see him well and fully healed.Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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