The Poor Pup Was Helpless And Alone, Shivering in the Cold, Constantly Crying for Its Mother A small puppy less than a month old was thrown into a pit.

The poor pup was helpless and alone, shivering in the cold and constantly crying for its mother. The puppy’s cries echoed through the neighborhood until a kind person heard them and immediately rushed to the pit.

The person was heartbroken at the sight of the helpless puppy and knew that they had to rescue him. The kind person took the puppy to the nearest veterinary clinic where he was given a warm bed and a full meal. The vet examined the pup and found that he was suffering from malnutrition and hypothermia.

The vet worked tirelessly to nurse the puppy back to health and soon, he was back to his playful self. The kind person who rescued the puppy grew attached to him and decided to adopt him. They named him Lucky and he quickly became a beloved member of the family.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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