The mother cat has an accident on the road – the cries of the kittens for help

The mother cat has an accident on the road and the cries of the kittens for help Kittens are crying for help when their mother is in trouble. We are walking on a small road under the overpass. This part of the field is rarely crossed by people.

We were moving pretty fast when we came across a family of cats in an accident. The kittens are lying next to their mother and crying for help. The mother cat is lying motionless with her small cubs.

Two small cats are wrapped around their mother. The mother cat is in trouble and needs help. We will immediately help these poor cats. Fortunately, the kittens are still very healthy. The mother cat needs medical examination and treatment right away.

I will check the temperature and feed the kittens milk. The feasting kittens were very hungry. The mother cat has a fever. I will give the mother cat medicine to reduce fever and help. and then a few days later the mother cat was well again.

that’s wonderful, magical and lucky. The kittens have also grown a bit. It is always around its mother. Thank you for watching this touching story the motherly love of kittens and mother cats Help the cats in trouble on the road.