This is a heartwarming story about an old dog who was abandoned in a field and saved by love.

The Miracle Of Love Saved The Life Of An Old Dog Who Was Abandoned In The Field… Unfortunately this oppressed dog was found in Garmsar city in not good condition at all, and we transferred him to Tehran Central Hospital for treatment, we did CT scan and we are waiting for surgery.

hopefully we will see it recover soon. Thank God we once again said no to death, and with the wonderful cooperation of Dr. Moradi (Central Hospital) we were able to give life to a speechless creature make the word of God, who is waiting for his death and who is completely paralyzed, and give him a taste of walking and living.

After Dr. Moradi’s first surgery at the central hospital, Garmsar the dog is slowly getting up and we are witnessing another miracle. In order for a completely paralyzed dog to be able to stand on my feet, I will do what I can for them with all my heart and soul.

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