The kitten was exposed to heavy rain, cold, skinny and wet, and his cries for help were ignored

Kitten Abandoned in The Heavy Rain, Cold, Thin, Wet – No one heeded his plea for help Our channel is not monetized, so my videos are not intended for monetization. We want to spread the act of protecting animals to everyone!

We are from the animal rescue team. We specialize in rescuing homeless, abused or trapped animals. Surely you are also an animal lover when watching this video of us. We all own a beloved animal, and we all understand the pain of an abandoned animal.

Because my country is still poor and backward, so many animals are abandoned. The bad thing about this is that at the moment we can’t provide enough or the food is in short supply, we hope everyone can do a small part to support the animals in need.

A kitten caught in heavy rain can be a vulnerable and scary situation. If you see a kitten outside in the rain, it’s important to provide shelter and warmth as soon as possible. You could bring the kitten inside your home or garage, or use a cardboard box with towels or blankets to keep the kitten dry.


Once the kitten is inside and dry, you can help warm it up by placing a warm, dry towel or blanket around it. You can also offer the kitten some food and water, as it may have been out in the rain for some time without access to these resources.

It’s important to keep in mind that a kitten caught in heavy rain may be scared and disoriented, so it’s important to approach the situation with calmness and care. If you’re unable to provide shelter for the kitten, consider contacting a local animal rescue organization or animal control for assistance.