The BLIND KITTEN wants to SEE the MAN who TRIED to SAVE HIM. Lucky Paws

The Blind kitten wants to see the man who tried to save him. In this video, we take a look at a blind kitten who wants to see the man who tried to save him. When the man tries to take the kitten in his arms, the kitten starts to purr and cuddle him. The kitten is so happy to have found his “savior” and he’s grateful for all the help he received. This story is heartwarming and motivational,

and it emphasizes the importance of humans helping each other. It’s an excellent way to teach about the power of kindness and the importance of helping others in need. Watch and learn, and then share this video with your friends to help spread the love! People who see me feeding cats ask me: Are you the owners of these cats? No, these cats were sent by God to all mankind.

You think these cats are mine. But actually, these cats belong to all of us. You ignore them, I live for them. That’s the only difference between us. You can watch videos of the cats – kittens we rescued from the street and adopted. In addition, we help many stray animals in our country in terms of feeding, housing, sterilization and treatment. You can support us by watching videos of thousands of animals in need of help.