Tіnу Kitty Has Bееn Bеst Frіеnds Wіth Hіs Horsе Sіncе Hе Existed A Kіttеn

Sappy the cat and Dakota, the chestnut horse, form an endearing and somewhat unexpected bond. Despite the considerable size difference between them, 15-year-old Dakota opts for cuddling over any accidental harm when it comes to the tiny and adorable kitten. These inseparable best friends share a remarkable companionship.

“I brought the kitten home last May,” recounted their owner, Denice Kinney, during her conversation with Bored Panda. “As the little one began to grow, I noticed he would lie next to the horse as he grazed. If the horse laid down, the kitten would snuggle up on him. I’ve even seen him climb up the horse’s tail to perch on his back!”

“That cat makes a daily appearance in his stall during feeding time. After meals, I usually sit on a container, and here comes the adorable pair. If I go riding, the cat accompanies us, much like a loyal dog!”

“Anyone who’s familiar with horses understands that a horse like Dakota could easily eliminate the cat with a single step or bite. However, he treats that cat with gentleness and has always done so.”