This sounds like the beginning of a touching story about a puppy’s journey. Would you like me to suggest some writing prompts to continue the story?


Little Puppy Tries to Find a Life After Being Left In a Carton Under The First Rain of The Season It was just another day at work when I received a text from my friend Arpi Nistor. As I opened the message, my heart sank at the sight of a tiny, shivering puppy in a cardboard box.

Arpi had found the puppy abandoned on the street and was seeking help to provide him with a warm home and a loving family. Without a second thought, I immediately offered to take the puppy in and provide him with the care he needed. I rushed out of work and headed straight to Arpi’s location to pick up the little pup.

As I approached the cardboard box, I could see the fear in his eyes, and my heart ached for him. I carefully scooped him up into my arms, and he instantly snuggled into my chest, seeking warmth and comfort. I could feel his tiny body shaking as I wrapped him up in a blanket and headed to the nearest pet store to get him some supplies.


I named him Papy, Papy gets the kid to Vet, where the tests will be done. Luckily, he’s fine. But for now, my focus was on providing him with a safe and warm environment. Papy quickly became a part of my family. Despite his rough start, he was a happy and energetic little guy who loved nothing more than playing with his toys and cuddling up with me on the couch.

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