Meet LUZ! She is having a lot of trouble after being starved for a long time. Exhausted, flies begin to attack the wounds. She gives up but still tries to breastfeed. When we arrived to the rescue, small barks were heard.

We were so heartbroken when we saw LUZ struggling to take care of her puppies.

The poor pup was exhausted and her wounds were being attacked by flies, yet she was still trying her best to protect her puppies and provide them with food. We were also overjoyed when we heard the small barks coming from her puppies – it was a powerful reminder of LUZ’s resilience.

Despite her difficult situation, LUZ was determined to make sure her puppies had the best chance at life. We are so proud of LUZ for never giving up and for her dedication to her puppies.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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