Wow, that’s incredible! It’s amazing to think that she had the resilience and resourcefulness to survive for 10 days with only water and moss. It’s a tribute to her strength and determination.

Zarife had a car accident, his back was severely broken. She managed to crawl into the stream and lay there for at least a week.

Because our doctor said it’s impossible to get that many worms in 2 days. Zarife was removed from the stream bed and is being cared for and treated at a veterinary clinic. Her coat was cleaned, we had removed thousands of maggots that are gnawing on her body. Even though she was hurt by humans, her faith in humanity has not been lost.

Looking into Zarife’s eyes I wanted to hug her, ease the pain she was going through. If you love our videos and sympathize with these poor animals, please click the subscribe button to the channel and share the videos so that we have the motivation to help more people in need. Special Thanks To:

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