This is Rocky! He is only a puppy about 3 years old, living on the streets. There is nothing to protect him in the rain or the sun. Rocky was sad, lonely … He was malnourished, had dermatitis. Rocky is a gentle and friendly boy.

He deserves to be loved and cherished. Who will give Rocky a chance of survival? We are approaching and bring him to Vet. At first, Rocky was scared, but then he agreed to follow me. He was given medicine and treatment every day. Rocky is improving every day,

he’s a lot better than the first day we met him. He has gained 3 kg. Rocky had left the clinic, he was adopted by a kind owner. Hope, he will be happy. 4 months later. Rocky is a great boy. He is having fun, happy …

Beautiful Rocky, a wonderful and happy baby. Thank you for saving this enlightened angel. God bless you and Rocky. ❤😚

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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