This video may be a little hard to look at but we want to share it with you because it’s incredible. A little kitten Opal trapped in a TNR project came in sneezing and sounding very congested. At first we assumed it was to be an upper respiratory infection but when it didn’t clear up we brought her back to Pine Lakes Animal Hospital.

Turns out she had a huge Cuterebra in her nose, a worm-like parasite. It was a massive thing up that tiny space, so no wonder she could barely breathe!

Thank goodness Dr. Kristin got it out and little Opal is on the mend. For the second clip you see Chester, the tuxedo, was four months old when he was trapped in a TNR project. He was in a trap to get neutered and released, when director Jessica Lynne Myers had a gut feeling that Chester wasn’t feral and decided to put him with a foster to see how he did.

Well, he did great, and here he is today in the home of his adopter, being best buds with her other cat and loving life.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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