Kitten was Rеtսrnеd Mսltіplе Tіmеs & Bеcamе Straу, Rеscսеrs Look іnto Hеr Hіstorу, Fіnd Pеrfеct Placе for Hеr

Monica, a cat with a troubled past, found her perfect place to call home after being returned multiple times and living as a stray. Community Cat Club, a cat rescue in South Jersey, came across Monica, a friendly stray, in their neighborhood last year. Unable to locate her owner, they brought her in and discovered a microchip, but attempts to reach the previous owner were unsuccessful. Consequently, Monica was put up for adoption.

Monica’s vibrant personality, adventurous spirit, and energy quickly made her stand out. She was adopted, but despite the adopters’ efforts to help her settle, behavioral issues emerged. Despite her excellent health, Monica’s behavior deteriorated in her new home.

After almost a year of struggling with Monica’s behavior, her adopters returned her to the rescue. Sara Sharp, president of Community Cat Club, delved into Monica’s history in hopes of understanding her behavioral problems. They learned that Monica had been returned numerous times due to litter box and behavioral issues.

Monica’s aversion to the litter box and her constant attempts to escape the house posed challenges for her adopters. However, it became clear that Monica’s desire was to be outside while still craving human interaction.

Sara searched for a place where Monica could be happy, well cared for, and have the attention she desired. Through a friend, she discovered a local farm seeking a “social barn cat.” Sara believed Monica would be a perfect fit for them.

Monica arrived at Sickle’s Circle View Farm around the one-year mark from when she was initially rescued by the volunteer. She quickly embraced her new life, confidently interacting with people and exploring the farm as if she owned it. Monica thrived in her new role, becoming a fixture at the farm’s shop and happily engaging with customers. She patrolled the property, basking in the warmth of the sun’s rays.

Monica’s new life on the farm turned out to be an excellent fit for her. She brings joy not only to her new family but also to every person she encounters. After two years of instability, Monica has finally found her happily ever after, spreading happiness and quirkiness to everyone she meets.