Husky Nearly Hungered to Death Until Good Samaritans Saw Him Crumple in their Backyard

The journey of Jake! Jake was found starving to death and collapsed in the good samaritans backyard. It seemed only a few hours left. The homeowners coordinated to help and off him to life. He tried to lift his head up and almost lost his battle.

They managed to take him to Vergi 24/7. His temp was so low it wasn’t even registering. His heart rate was so low, too. He’s not responding to CPR at that time. Day 2 – Blood pressure and glucose were stable. BUN has slightly improved (kidney level usually high due to dehydration). Electrolytes all normal except phosphorus so they’re adding a medication for that. Sodium went back up to 180. They’re trying to get an NG tube placed but he is having significant nasal discharge that is making it difficult.

At that point, with the fracture, theu’re not really sure if there are signs of no feeling in his hind legs or if it’s just weakness from everything else going on. Jake is amazing. Watch his incredible transformation after just two months.

We’re so grateful for every support and every donation to give Jake a second chance and wonderful life. It’s heartbreaking that turns into heartwarming. We love you, Jake.