That’s so amazing! It’s so wonderful to see such a resilient pup who has been through an accident, but is still able to express their joy and happiness! It’s a great reminder of how strong, brave and full of life our furry friends can be.

This puppy was innocently playing when a vehicle ran over his legs and changed his life forever. His cries of agony broke our hearts but we’d try our best to save him. We realized immediately that saving him would require a complete amputation of the worst-damaged leg.

But his other leg was also badly injured and unable to bear any weight. The surgery went well and this bright-eyed sweetheart literally leapt into his new life. But he didn’t exactly have 3 legs left. Only his two hind legs were unaffected.

We’ve named him Joey, and Joey has been welcomed now as a permanent member of the Animal Aid family. He’s showing us every day that love knows no bounds. And neither does play!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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