He wandered around in fatigue. because he knew there was no time left because of his illness

We were alerted to this case by the Chepo Welfare Department, prompting an immediate investigation on our part. With only a single photograph at our disposal, tracking down his whereabouts proved challenging. However, one day, I unexpectedly encountered him on the street. His appearance moved me to tears as I witnessed his dire circumstances. He was a Rottweiler with emaciated legs, wandering aimlessly and suffering from severe malnourishment. His dislocated paws illustrated the struggles he faced in scavenging for food on the streets. He had once had an owner, but their financial limitations prevented them from providing proper care. It was heart-wrenching to learn that Avocado had been enduring this plight for years, evident from the exhaustion etched into his expression.

We swiftly arranged for Avocado to undergo examination and treatment at a veterinary hospital. Through the use of x-rays, doctors confirmed our suspicions: Avocado was battling OSTEOSARCOMA, a type of cancer. The gravity of his condition meant that amputating his foot was likely the only option. At just four years old, Avocado required substantial attention, care, and affection.

The veterinarian informed us that, if his diagnosis was accurate, Avocado’s prognosis included surgery and a life expectancy of about one year. The medical team diligently examined him to ascertain whether the cancer had metastasized. A potential spread of the cancer would complicate matters significantly. As I cradled Avocado in my arms, I made a solemn commitment to do everything within my power to save him.

Day 2 marked the start of Avocado’s recuperation period leading up to the impending surgery. His physical condition needed improvement to ensure he could withstand the demanding and precarious procedure. His appetite had improved, and he was no longer as ravenous as before. I procured a bag of premium Royal Canin food, aiming to provide him with nourishment. Avocado’s diagnosis weighed heavily on me, knowing that OSTEOSARCOMA is an aggressive cancer with limited chemotherapy options. The surgical removal of his foot was his best chance, despite affording him just a year more to live.

The cost of Avocado’s treatment escalated significantly. On the fourth day, I arrived to find him accepting my presence, wagging his tail in response. Countless medical tests—blood counts, chemistry assessments, x-rays, ultrasounds—lay ahead, alongside the financial burden. Yet, I remained steadfast in my determination not to give up on him. His tail wag and acceptance of my presence on that fourth day warmed my heart.

The morning’s health evaluation yielded promising results, reassuring us that Avocado’s health was in capable hands. The cancer hadn’t spread to his lungs or other bones, offering a glimmer of hope. In a short span, Avocado had captured our hearts, his noble and grateful disposition leaving an indelible mark.

“Stay strong, buddy. Tomorrow, you’ll finally be free from that unbearable pain,” I whispered to him.

On day 5, Avocado underwent the surgery, ridding himself of the enormous foot that had caused him so much agony. A new chapter of his life was set to commence. Following his recovery, he would be discharged from the hospital and reunited with his loving family. It is my fervent wish that all creatures on this planet experience peace and are never forsaken.

With Avocado, I felt a poignant connection. His journey of rediscovery, his zest for life, and his growth were remarkable. He exuded gentleness, evoked profound emotions, and displayed a remarkable intelligence. This was my Avocado. As I watched him walk away, my heart fluttered with a renewed sense of hope.