He Stood by Roadside Waiting for Days, Constantly Hugging, Kissing, Bowing to The Kind Girl for Help

Meet Kha! In the middle of the empty road, he stood by the side of the road, begging for help. So many days but he was never taken care of. There is still a necklace on her neck, maybe Kha used to have an owner before.

When I approached, he rushed to me…wanting to follow me. However, there were times when he was very shy and turned away. Maybe he hasn’t forgotten when people threw him like a piece of trash…

Wow, Kha is super friendly.. Begging to be rescued, begging this kind girl to help him. He hugs the girl to beg…even, Kha bows to her.. Very emotional… He is the most emotional person I have ever seen.

If I were the owner, I would never have abandoned him. Kha constantly ran after this kind girl. He was taken to the car.. Kha is very hungry, he needs to eat some. If there are any copyright issues with any videos posted here i will remove them.