My girl had a heart of gold and saw this poor soul crying on the side of the highway. She approached him with compassion and asked if he was okay.

He was able to open up and tell her his story. She was able to provide comfort and offer her assistance to help him find his way back home.She was a godsend that day and he will never forget her kindness.

He Cried So Hard On The Side Of The Highway But No One Heard Him Until My Girl Saw Him…

On my way home I saw Bobik cried on the side of the highway. Look like someone abandoned him and he got hit by car. I took him to the vet right away for a X-ray check…

That’s so heartbreaking! It’s amazing that your girl spotted him in time and that you were able to take him to the vet. It sounds like you were the perfect person to help him in his time of need. I’m sure Bobik is very grateful for your help and kindness.

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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