He Lolloping, Whimpering, Ran Up To Me & Asked For Help Meet Bim! He’s at the dump, bewildered. His cries are begging for help. Bim is going to Vet, his eyes are blurred. He is very small. Bim is hyperactive, wonderful, kind, affectionate, 1.5 months.

How willingly he goes this little baby-baby to the call, such a manual one 😍👍💋 To the Savior and the rescuer of all the best🙏

Poor him he needs help love and affection thank you for helping this little angel thank you so much 🇧🇷😍💞🐕

Thank both of you for rescuing this precious baby and getting him the medical care he needed Bim is absolutely 💯 beautiful God Bless Bim and his new family

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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