Oh no! That must have been so scary and overwhelming for him. I’m glad you were there to help him. Is there anything I can do to help him feel better? Maybe I can come over and hang out with him for a bit and help him feel less alone.

He Sobbed Like A Baby When I Found Him Being Locked Into A Tree In An Abandoned House…

01 Nov 9:0 PM – On my way to one to save Blackie. A woman just bought a new house and she found him. Reiki – his sister is shocked when she saw human again, even I’m totally stranger to her…The lady said the house was left empty for a month, that means both Blackie & Reiki had been locked for a month…

That must have been a very frightening experience for both Blackie and Reiki. It’s wonderful that you were able to find them and help them out of that situation. It sounds like they both need some extra love and care right now, so try to make sure they both feel safe and secure. They’re probably very grateful to have you as their rescuer.

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