Four frightened dogs stuck in tar. These sad canines’ owners abandoned them to languish in alone.

In a touching story, three helpless puppies were saved from a tar pit in Noyabrsk, Russia, by a group of animal lovers. The owner abandoned these unfortunate canines, leaving them to suffer on their own. Fortunately, some good-hearted bystanders saw them and intervened right away. Three of the four puppies were saved, but one of them did not make it through the rescue attempt and died.

The four distraught canines were discovered imprisoned by bystanders in Noyabrsk, Russia.

In Noyabrsk, Russia, four frightened dogs stuck in tar were found by bystanders. An unnamed volunteer involved in the rescue effort stated that they scraped the tar from the dogs’ skin nonstop until midnight. Regretfully, the tar was firmly affixed to their flesh, so they could only extract the bigger fragments. After being called to the scene, the veterinarian Nikolay Kostuk made the decision to temporarily put the puppies to sleep in order to lessen their suffering and remove the residual tissue.

The puppies could not escape the tar pit where their owners had abandoned them.

The puppies’ owners abandoned them, leaving them trapped in a tar pit with no way out.

After spending hours freeing the animals, volunteers were able to save three of the puppies.

Volunteers spent many hours trying to free the animals that were in danger, and their efforts were successful in saving three of the cutest babies.

A volunteer involved in the rescue effort stated:

A volunteer who assisted with the rescue effort revealed that they labored nonstop until the stroke of midnight in order to get the tar off the puppies’ skin. Another volunteer, Olga Beliakova, expressed her delight that the puppies had survived and acknowledged the collective efforts of numerous people. She did, however, also note that the puppies—one of which even had tar in its mouth—are quite weak as a result of their extended exposure to the tar. In order for them to heal and prosper, it is imperative that they get the right care and attention right away.