Someone informed us about an small puppy wounded around his stomach, so we went there and checked at that time he was outside the cave but we doesn’t had anything in our hands to caught him. So we went back to home and took all necessary requirements like cloth,milk,bag etc.

We came back ,by the time he entered to the cave and not coming outside . we pour a milk in a bowl and placed outside the cave and waited few hours. After few hours he came outside the cave,by the time we closed the cave with a wooden blocks.

And caught the puppy and covered the wound with a cloth and took him to a veterinary clinic at Calicut . Dr shihabudheen treated him and finally we took puppy into kokkachi ‘s shelter. “And he will be a part of kokkachi family”.

Thank you very much for saving this little soul! May God bless you for your deeds! To become wiser and higher in this life, you have already comprehended this with your deeds! I wish you happiness and health for everything!

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