Was this puppy’s wound just too terrible to fix? When our rescuer gently lifted this puppy into the ambulance he must have wondered if it was hopeless. Her intestines and spleen had been exposed when a car accident ripped a life-threatening wound into her stomach.

But blood loss had been minimal, given the circumstances, and we whisked her into surgery for an immediate effort to repair the horrendous damage. When so much tissue is exposed to the elements,

fighting infection is one of the additional worries, so repositioning her organs and suturing the wound was only part of the challenge. When she had recovered from the anesthesia she was wobbling and alert, but she wasn’t ready to eat.

We didn’t know what might happen in the coming few days, as the brave, beautiful girl fought for her life. If you’ve watched our videos before, you might expect a happy ending. But this girl’s journey might take you beyond “ahhh” to an emotion of pure delight. And that’s what we’ve named her: Delight. Meet her now!

Source: ViacomCBS Inc.

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