Nearly Slaughtered Dogs Paralyzed By Fright, One Act Of Kindness Changed Their Lives

Why people don’t understand that dogs are humans best friends, they are very intelligent and loyal towards humans, why they want to eat their meat, the golden retriver barking on this man he knew that monster about to kill them.Mam you are such a nice person 💕 grateful to you 🙏 ❤

Anjo do céu que nasceu na terra para grandiosa missão, salvar esses anjos de quatro patas, filhos de Deus como nós humanos que merecem viver sem serem destruídos, mortos.Merecem viver como os humanos, a vida é sagrada e só Deus pode retirar dela.Vamos proteger todos os animais do planeta!

Not only were both dogs clearly petrified, so was I holding my breath, trembling in disgust seeing the slaughterhouse set-up. The clever golden retriever was certainly following the negotiation with hope whilst the small dog was completely zoned out in utter fear.

I’m so glad you stroked and pacified the dogs during negotiation. I felt uplifted seeing the Golden Retriever gratefully responding to your love and care at the shelter. Also to see Xiaoxiao finally coming out of his/her shell. Hope to see more of the dogs at play. Here in Melbourne, Australia, many owners throw tennis balls very far in the park for their dogs to fetch. The dogs so love running to get the ball. Hope you can do same at your shelter. ❤