She was lying wet on the side of the road, just a light touch made her shiver

I found Gaby lying helplessly by the roadside in the heavy rain. After colliding with a car, the driver went away and left her lying there A young dog just over a year old but what she was going through was beyond my imagination. The fracture was very serious along with the displacement of the vertebrae, so it caused her severe pain. Just a light touch made Gaby scream in uncomfortable.

At the vet, it was essential to relieve Gaby’s severe pain and bring the spine into a stable state. She was immediately given injections and painkillers. She had a broken vertebrae with a segment of the spinal cord severed. Gabi was sheltered under the care of many people. Rescuing such heavy animals was difficult, intimidating, and certainly expensive. But I would do all I could to erase this nightmare from Gaby’s life.

Gaby had surgery at 17:00 that day Chief of surgery Dyulger Petr Georgievich would operate on her. And according to him, rehabilitation would be difficult and painful. Let everything go well, baby, you would definitely make it through. one of the most important stages in Gaby’s new life had passed, but going any further wouldn’t be easy She had surgery to be able to continue living, but unfortunately,

she was not able to walk like all other dogs. And with the help of the fixation plates, her vertebrae would be aligned, giving her some relief from the intense pain. She was taking pain medication at that time. she had been turned to therapy, thank God that was very important. Our girl was making progress, she was starting to lift herself up, smiling and super happy to socialize with people Everything would be fine, stay strong girl. It was not worth the pain, wasn’t it? All the staff praised our Gabi so much, they said a girl with an amazing desire to live. Gaby felt so good,

she was completely up on her front foot. According to rehabilitation therapist Gaby, it would take at least a month to recover and enter a new phase of recovery. Please look forward to the great change of me and Gaby in the coming days. I believe she will not disappoint you. Come to the youtube channel: Pitiful Animal, you will see touching videos about the journey to rescue street dogs. Like many others,

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