The woman found an incomprehensible creature in a bank on the highway, looking closely, she was stunned – it was …

The woman pedaled her bicycle, thinking about her own. She had to drive a few more kilometers along the highway before she got into the city. But that didn’t upset her. Riding on this type of transport is a useful thing. And he pumps up his legs, and breathes fresh air. But smoothly flowing thoughts were interrupted by some movement. The woman looked to the side of the road and gasped. Among the withered grass was a cat. He arched his back and constantly backed away, trying to get something off his neck. The animal noticed the man and immediately ran away.

Bastards, how could they do this and didn’t even think about the consequences. And the girl had a huge bow that she didn’t pass by, but helped.

What evil people there are, worse than evil beasts! There are no words, I can write everything that I think … I myself feed homeless cats and dogs in the yard, I treat many – the wounded, lichen, half-blind, I take them to the veterinary clinic and pay for treatment from my modest pension. 6 cats live at home, from the street, the most hopeless, whom I saved and took to myself, I attach many. From the windows of neighboring houses, people swear that I “private” homeless fleas. thrown on the street, doomed to a long, painful death from thirst, hunger, cold, from dogs and “people” who are worse than wild animals!