The poor girl was shunned by everyone, she dragged her hind legs and cried for help in tears

I met Tikhon on the street corner, a dog with his hind legs completely paralyzed. His feet were covered with sores, and his body gave off a very unpleasant odor. In the cold snow and rain, what he was enduring was truly terrifying. Sad eyes and fear covered Tikhon’s life. That afternoon, we visited Tikhon and talked to the therapist about his test results and condition. Suspected discitis, diverticulitis, and tumor in the spleen.

The bladder was distended, a sign of inflammation that had affected the kidneys. Tikhon was obedient, understanding and very cooperative in the treatment process. Soon we would see a beautiful and obedient dog. Every day Tikhon made me nervous. Tikhon couldn’t eat, his muscles atrophied, his body was weak, and so was his brain. Body temperature sometimes drops suddenly.

He groaned when I arrived, he wanted to leave the cage, but couldn’t get up. When I tried to help, he felt pain and he started biting. I burst into tears, hoping that I could somehow ease this pain for Tikhon. The temperature returned to normal, hematocrid also returned to normal. But he had loose stools that caused dehydration, tremors, and sometimes nervous convulsions.

He refused to drink water, and when I arrived, he happily drank to the surprise of the doctors. I felt like he was starting to open up and bond with me. He buried his face in my palm and didn’t let go, for the first time in his life he had an owner. That day Tikhon scared me again, he vomited many times in the morning. Tikhon was given anti-emetics and pain relievers, and at about 12 o’clock at night he fell asleep.

Only then did I feel safe to leave. Good news, Tikhon started urinating on his own. We had received miracles from god. After eating, he got out of the cage, with my help he walked a bit, then fell asleep. My boy, no matter what I do, I can’t turn back time to give him a better memory. I could only sustain life in Tikhon, giving him my time, love, affection. He represents the wisdom and composure of the leader, a very charismatic and intelligent dog.

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