He was thrown on the roof of the barn! It was raining, the baby died before he could open his eyes

One rainy evening Ray Vargas heard a plaintive meowing from the backyard. The man immediately hurried to check what was wrong – and was amazed! A small gray lump was lying on the roof and asked for help. Ray immediately decided to take the kitten home!

Vultures, the boomerang will return. You will soon have to raise your eyes to heaven and pray for your salvation. To the rest, bow and goodness to your homes

I also picked up a kitten at the grocery store. He was full of fleas. I taught him to eat, brought out fleas. Now Vaska is already seven years old. He turned out to be a thoroughbred cat: a mixture of Siberian and Siamese. He’s so big and fluffy. All the neighbors admire him when he walks. It’s such a blessing to have a friend by your side. Well done man for taking the kitten.

Low bow to you kind people! Thank you so much for saving these cute animals! God bless you all! ALL EARTHLY BENEFITS! Super well done! What did not pass by this little kitten! You have a good heart You will be rewarded with everything! And the one who did not regret this crumb will return to him like a boomerang!