A photo that flew all over the Internet! The world is crying with Mom…

If you do not immediately understand what is happening in this photo, you are a happy person, although you may not realize it. The dog has done a miracle!This photo was posted online by Shanna Niehaus, the mother of five-year-old Kainoa. The caption to this photo touched hundreds of thousands of people to the core.

“See this? I’ve never experienced anything like this. Yesterday, my five-year-old son, who suffers from autism, met his new dog for the first time, which was specially trained to help autistic children. Tornado. We moved to Japan from the USA and waited almost two years to meet a Tornado.

My neighbor has an autistic 5 year old girl. She carefully eyed my 10 pound Morkie. We edged closer; mom & I chatting, while the child worked up the nerve to pet him. Mama was nervous, but I whispered reassurances…and a friendship was born. 😘💖🐾🐾