The boy completely collapsed and couldn’t even crawl, only crying and scared.

One woman informed us: A puppy lying crying in a forest The boy couldn’t get up and cried non-stop I don’t know when the dog has been lying here suffering from pain? The dog was very young, he was scared and panicked when he saw our appearance and you can see how much he hurts… I don’t know what’s wrong with the boy? But that cry hurt me. An innocent child, they don’t deserve this hurt.

The baby that can’t even crawl can only cry and cry!!! I try to approach the boy Holding the boy in my arms but my mood is confused I just hope he understands that I want to help him at all costs and wanted him to feel a genuine love. Without any hesitation,

I immediately took him to a hospital The boy got all the tests done, fully examined And take X-rays to determine the exact extent of the damage The dog has two severe broken bones Fractures of the forearm and pelvis This is the reason why the boy cannot crawl. A surgery is planned. And the surgery went very well Hopefully: after the boy’s passion, his life will turn to a new page…

Two days after surgery: The dog felt great and was able to get up and walk on all legs This is also seen as a starting victory for the boy The boy continues to receive treatment and will have a 10 day rehabilitation course He is doing great and a beautiful life awaits him… We thank you for your comments to help the channel grow.