Removing A Gigantic Cuterebra Larvae From A Small Kitten

In this video you see Dr. Scarlett pulling out a Cuterebra from a kitten. The patient was given injectable pain. There is nothing cute about a cuterebra 😳🤢!! These little nasty things are the larval stage of a Cuterebra that affects animals 🐿. If you grew up in the country, they are “wolf worms”. We can usually remove them with just a local block and the spot will heal so quickly.

Seeing the size of this botfly compared to the size of the cat. Its like having a small limbless hamster crawling under your skin 😬. Must be a great releif for the cat when it was removed.

Should go back to veterinary school and learn how to handle little kittens. Disturbing video!☹️