She was sitting by a shop next to a dangerous highway! She was so hungry and waiting there!

I saw her sitting by the road in front of the butcher shop, waiting…
Tomorrow is an important day for me! In the morning I’m taking Majkica to the vet for an ultrasound, which will show whether she needs an urgent surgery! And I already apologized to all the Doggies for concentrating all my attention on her these two or three days! And then tonight, without planning it, she happens!

Unusually kind eyes, unusually affectionate dog! Thanks to everyone who does not remain indifferent in such situations with our four-legged friends!

A deep bow to the man who saved the dog, which soon had beautiful puppies. Mom is affectionate, caring and loving rescuer and her pets. Give good.

Thank you for your kindness, for saving her babies. With what love you communicate with mom, you can see what respect for our little brothers.