So Many Big Ticks and Small Ticks Removing From Poor Dog Skin, Dog Ticks Cleaning In Fastest Way.

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Yes like everyone said before please use a tick comb. You are not getting every tick with the tweezers. Use your comb if you have extras. That music is not needed

I just want to say thank you for trying to help these poor dogs, at times these dogs have more ticks than others, like this handsome dog however picking 1 at a time is slow and gets boring watching you pick through their fur when clearly there are many ticks. Why not use a comb when there are so many little ones and big ones clearly the only good way to clear these ticks is by medication.

If you use a comb you can go back and tweeze the missed ones. I feel in the best interest of these dogs is to get rid of them faster the better. as ticks carry so many diseases, for dogs and people.