She was pushed into a dogfight that got her into the situation she is in now

Sally is the saddest prittie we ever saw. She might have known the safety of a home before but was thrown away like garbage in the streets. She might even have been the princess of a house. until when…one day she was thrown away and forgotten by her own, and became a stray. she got recently caught onto a dog fight where she was severely attacked and injured. that agression left her with multiple wounds,

chewed eye and ear. Before we arrived to rescue her, nobody even stopprd to give her water. alone, scared,in pain, with maggots eating her flesh and big infection leading her directly to death. She was totally dehydrated. She would have been dead within hours without our intervention because of the hot temperatures going on, not helping with the proliferation of bacterias of the infection.

we had no place at the shelter but knew we had to make one for this tiny pittie queen. Flies and maggots were already messing with her open wounds. sleeping with her favorite red ball and drinking water like a buffalo shows her funny and playful character. she has turned out to be anew girl,

her blood reports are also normalCome to the youtube channel: Pitiful Animal, you will see touching videos about the journey to rescue street dogs. Like many others, I only fought for the sake of justice.

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