The owners thought that the dog was pregnant, but months passed, and she did not give birth

The couple brought a dog to the clinic for an appointment, as she could not give birth in any way. However, the vet was shocked when he saw the size of the Rottweiler.

What to overfeed!!! And how is a dog different from a person, everything is one, God created and requires unity🙌🙏👍🐒🐒🐒🐒

Poor dog, her owners have some strange love ….
It is good to feed, of course, you need to feed your pet, but not with everything that you eat ….
They probably fed her junk, fatty and high-calorie food and walked very little with her, it’s impossible !!
Well, guessed to transfer the dog to the doctor !!
God forbid they succeed, so that their girl loses weight with such a weight, you can only fight by cutting portions of interest by 50%! And only then, offer physical activity!!
I think that in the coming months, the owners of this girl of the Rottweiler breed, together with the veterinarian, will bring her and her health into good condition ♥️🐾🐕💪🔥👍🙏😇🙏🥰😘🌹🇷🇺 !!