Grooming A Neglected Dog With A Weird Thing On His Back

Hello. My name is Damjan Lukić, and I am a dog groomer from Novi Sad, Serbia. I have been grooming since 2017. My fiancé’s name is Sanja Brkić😊

That level of matting is just unbelievable. Your grooming is just as important as any medical intervention as far as the dog’s health and well-being is concerned. Thank you so much for this valuable service that you perform.

The amount of matted fur on this dog was absolutely jaw-dropping! It reminded me of seeing sheep that have been lost for years, where the wool grew so long that you could no longer recognize the animal as a sheep.This poor dog was not only in pain, but also must have been exhausted from carrying the weight of all that extra hair. Your grooming will change his life so that he can once again enjoy being a dog. Many thanks for your kind heart and all you do to help these dogs. Blessings to you and your sweetheart, Sanja!

Thank you for your excellent work and your compassion for this dog and for the elderly lady. The dog looked so defeated in the cage as you drove him to the vet, but afterwards he was sitting up, alert, and looking 100% better and probably feeling 100% better too. People like you and Sanja remind me that there are kind and loving humans all over this planet. Much love from New Zealand.

This poor dog was in so much pain. Thank you so much for relieving him of that. I wonder how much all that hair weighed after the grooming was finished. I’m sure he is going to be a happy little fellow. Wish we could have seen him really up and around and walking. I have never seen your channel before. You are a blessing and angels to these puppers.

I find it adorable how you’re stroking and petting the pup even if he’s sleeping and isn’t aware of what you’re doing ❤️ You truly love dogs so much and you just can’t help yourself. Keep up the good work 👏🫶