The entire side of the boy was covered in blood, and his breathing was labored

I saw these pictures from a stranger They begged us to help this poor little dog A boy from Cheremkhovo is nearing death in a dense forest Exactly 00:30 We arrived where the boy was lying waiting in the bone-chilling cold They only covered the boy with a thin blanket He’s Etoe! The entire side of the boy was covered in blood, and his breathing was labored My heart broke when I saw the boy.

We quickly put him in the car and will go to a hospital overnight The boy’s condition is extremely critical The doctors at the hospital did not manage day and night They worked wholeheartedly and tried their best to save his life he got a lot of injuries, a hole in his chest,

two broken ribs, a dislocated bone, puncture wounds to the chest, traumatic hernias on the head and multiple bites all over the body What little Etoe was going through was terrible. He survived a night of crisis. At 14:00 the surgery started and lasted for many hours Finally the surgery was successful Etoe is in intensive care and has to stay in the oxygen room Doctors say that only a few survive with such injuries,

and this puppy really wants to live, and it has endured everything Etoe’s will to live is amazing! After 45 days of dedicated treatment and care Etoe is completely healthy and has a new life A young, affectionate and active puppy, His eyes are always sparkling in every situation The boy has a family and has a new friend Etoe has gradually forgotten the hurt in the past The boy is happy and satisfied with his current life. I believe that Etoe will grow up and mature in the arms of the kindest people.