A heartless person left him lying alone on the street after the collision

This dog was crashed over by a car and then being left on street without of responsibility from who did this! When the rescue team came, I saw that the dog was in serious condition. His body was shaking alot with his head moving continously. This expression looks like he’s in shock after hitting the car. I was really upset and angry with the person who did this for him! How? How can they crashed over this dog and then left him there without of caring. The dog then was rescued by this team and taken to the VET! At that moment he was still very hurt and shaking a lot!

It was so heartbreaking to see him struggling at the side of the road.How could that horrible person who hit him just leave him in that condition?? A heartfelt thank you to the rescue and vet team.Praying he will walk and run again very soon🙏🙏🙏

Claro que sí perrito hermoso pediremos en nuestras oraciones para que te recuperes pronto y vuelvas a caminar De seguro que Dios nos escuchara si todos oramos por ti perrito hermoso.Dios bendiga a quienes te rescataron y te dan mucho amor. qué irresponsable el que te atropello y te dejo abandonado es alguien sin sentimientos no le importo el daño que te hizo solo demostró ser un cobarde . perrito hermoso muchos besitos y que te recuperes pronto pronto así será 🧸🇨🇴⛄❤️🏀