The old dog was abandoned for a long time in a field The place is very empty, dark and too cold

This was Yeondu, the old dog abandoned for a long time in a sunny field. But at night this place was very empty, dark and too cold The food waste was right next to him He was in a terrible state, hungry, thirsty and untrimmed. In the bowl of rice there was no food, no water, all rotten water remained. This Yeondu was getting more and more desperate, I would do my best to help him I didn’t understand why they had to do this to their dogs. In the blood test, most of the readings were within the normal range, however there were some signs of dehydration.

Luckily, he didn’t have parvo and corona infection. But positive for heartworm and was in stage 2. Immediately the doctor gave him an injection and prescribed medicine. the first thing I did when I wake up, you know what I usually did? It was to check the status of the dear prince Then make his own nutritious, hot breakfast for him to have the best health The puppy was very kind and very understanding as he sat down and waited for the bread. even when he was sleeping, but knowing I was coming, he woke up and ran out to greet me immediately. How cute was he Ever since he was born, Yeondu had never known what love was, properly cared for. So just a warm blanket, soft mattress, and a small cot was enough to make Yeondu felt touched Yeondu’s favorite sofa.

He also slept there at night. He was always full of energy. What would your heart be like for a child who listens to you like this? Yeondu was also no longer using drugs after 1 month of intensive treatment. All these results were thanks to his own will and determination This morning while having breakfast, Yeondu gently hugged me. His eyes became softer, and the puppy’s expression looked like he was smiling A dog got along with his friends. But he got mad if someone touched his toys. He was very smart so he was well trained and he probably knew that he was been abandoned..

He pushed himself beyond his limits and stepped out of the darkness of the past. And now he is surrounded by love and care and protection. Come to the youtube channel: Pitiful Animal, you will see touching videos about the journey to rescue street dogs. Like many others, I only fought for the sake of justice. If you love our videos and sympathize with these poor animals, please click the subscribe button to the channel and share the videos so that we have the motivation to help more people in need. Thank you very much!!!!!!!