The cat was brought for euthanasia. The vet examined her, then kicked out the owners

Polly’s cat was brought to the clinic to be put down. She was already old and sick, and the owners were going to move to another city. But the doctor flatly refused to kill the animal. And there was too good a reason for that.

Many thanks to everyone, doctors, volunteers and kind people who do not remain indifferent to animals.

People who buy a pet should think twice before getting one. I think they will be left anywhere, there is no money for veterinarians. Too bad there are no tests to prove they can take care of pets.

I always bury all my animals myself, with my own hands, wrap them in material and bury them in the forest, under the trees, I didn’t throw a single one into the trash. There were cases in winter, when for several days I was looking for a place where to drip and drove a body of a pet in a car.