He seemed lifeless while trying to stay close to his friends who had passed away in plastic bags

Thank you for saving him, terrible that all these babies are at the mercy of man. God does not sleep, the day of reckoning for those cruel abusers will come. Ot breaks our hearts to see these injured furbabies. Their little hearts are also broken, too much to bare. Thank you guys for helping these poor animals. You are wonderful. God bless with all your hard work and love.

Relieved Joey was discovered asap from the evil monsters who are trying to destroy him leaving him w/ multiple horrific damages to brain eyes and body…karma isn’t sleeping on this… Grateful YURE doin saving his life and many others… He looks handsome if properly groomed and vitamins intake will give him good skin hair …please share this video more…for many can share donations fundings to help this poor dogs life start anew…please …Asia Japan