Lying in the park with a swollen face, weak body but she won’t let anyone touch her body

I found Vida wandering in an abandoned park with a very pathetic appearance She’s about 4 years old, her face was swollen, there was a chain around her neck since she was a baby Then over time, she grew, causing the chain to tighten more and more that made her this bad Everything in this case was shocking, inexplicable, and very heartbreaking. She didn’t let anyone touch her body.

constantly dodging and running away It took all gentle words and actions to make her trust me, I finally got Vida to the vet. According to the specialist, Vida gave birth less than a month ago Because she was still oozing from her vulva and her breasts were still milky Could she give birth in this ironic situation? Where were her children? Perhaps they were not strong enough to withstand the rigors of life. All of this broke my heart Complete exams and records to see her general condition and all show worse condition inside than outside She had anemia, leukemic infection was very large, blood pressure was low, anaphylaxis, the artery at the neck area was severely damaged.