Her life is in danger every minute and I am racing against time to save her life

I received a call for help from a girl at 5am, she discovered a sack with the sound of puppies right in the edge of the forest. When I got there, the scene in front of me made me extremely sad. There were a total of 3 small dogs, but only one Evochka was alive with a wounded body. Evochka and I went to the clinic. Here, she had a high fever and was dehydrated Her hair was wet, her skin was cracked and broken, and especially, she refused food and water. The condition was very dangerous. If I had not detected and taken Evochka for treatment in time, she might not have been able to survive after the night like her two brothers.

Thank you, to the strange woman, for giving me a chance to fight for Evochka’s life after being resuscitated, Evochka’s health condition was more stable. Antibiotics after being passed into the body along with fluids stimulated the movement of maggots from everywhere to go out. That was the first time I saw this. Evochka’s body was like a beehive. They lived everywhere: under the skin, all over the body. When I saw her body covered with maggots, I decided to cut her bushy hair How long did the children have to live in the sack for then swamped in such terrible conditions. We would all feel sad when we have to witness this situation. Every being in this world has the right to live, and so does Evoxchka. She had a flame of hope for life. She was fighting a lot in both physical pain and emotional pain. Evochka’s condition was having many serious incidents.