Her life is like a sad song, with a pitifully broken body

This girl was found by one of our adopters They said they saw the dog jump out of the truck a few days ago She is in a really bad state. She is Chloe! My heart broke when I saw her. I believe she went through some kind of head injury when she has neurological symptoms: unsteady standing.

I took Chloe to a clinic The doctors evaluated her and said she was dehydrated and severe malnutrition can cause problems at any time They say she’s clearly been under physiological stress for a long time But the good news is that the baby can eat and drink on his own and is no longer worried. Day 3: Chloe fell into a coma and couldn’t get up, so she will undergo a fusion protein infusion.

Day 4: She has regained consciousness and is a little better But she looks like she’s been abused because she’s really scared to be touched. I hope Chloe will feel the care we have for her and she probably knows what it’s like to be truly loved.