He had been neglected by his master for a long time, his body is only skin and bones

Hazelnut came to me in a bad shape. It was neglected by its own owner for a long time. I tried to sympathize with him, and didn’t want to say anything to control my anger. There is no reason for an owner to leave his dog with only skin and bones. All tests were not good at all, all of his symptoms pointed to parvo virus disease. Treatments were discussed, and soon he was taken to the operating room. and acupuncture as a long-term pain-relieving treatment.

In fact, due to the delayed treatment, it was difficult for him to get up and walk. The muscles did not respond to the electric current, and may need to be combined with physical therapy. The only good thing so far after surgery was that he had an appetite, which was a good sign for the body’s ability to recover. From the day Hazelnut was in my arms, his owner never came back to visit him. For so many times, I saw his face showed a sad expression. It was also understandable, because he couldn’t forget someone who had been with him for many years in a day or two. However, that didn’t mean Hazelnut stopped trying.