Her whole body was covered with scabies, bleeding and she was left alone to die

When I found Beer, this pitiful image appeared, making my tears stop falling Looking at her plight, what do I have to do with this distress call? She was just an infant and abandoned in a small house, Bia is very sick, she has no strength to stand up, her small body is full of scabies, Her whole body is bleeding and she is very scared. Looking into those innocent eyes, I know Beer needs me… Holding her in my arms, I was heartbroken.

Beer is too small to have gone through all these bad things, left alone to die I took her to the clinic and would do anything to save her life. Beer has a nervous breakdown, has many skin problems, patches of skin fall off with what’s left in the hair, The worst thing is that Beer is chained, which means she was once locked in a certain house We are doing all the exams to start the treatment. Beer positive for distemper disease.