Looking at her eyes and the tumor on her body, how could I leave her like that

I found Lilu crouched in an abandoned house in the middle of a dense forest. Looking at her eyes and the tumor on her body, do you think I can leave her like this Before it’s too late, before her strength ran out! I had to try to light up the little ray of hope in Lilu’s mind. Lilu is about 7 years old, so her health was very complicated. She had gastritis, pancreatitis, a cyst on the right kidney, suspension with urine, cystitis, and ovarian cyst. She needed to stay in the hospital for at least a week, go through a lot of tests, analyses, histology, surgery and intensive care… But at that moment, she didn’t eat at all even though I try to comfort her.

Sometimes the pain came and made her faint. Look how upset she was and how patient she was, how strong her spirit was, how she was waiting for salvation. And all this time we trusted, we hoped, we prayed that poor Lilu would make it through. At that time, our baby Lilu was actively dripping. She was fully awake and starting to crave for food. We needed her to stay in this good shape to get into major surgery soon. The surgery was quite successful in the previous night. But suddenly at dawn, her red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit plummeted. Immediately, Lilu was changed by the doctors, given first aid, and finally, we kept Lilu here. Everything was so sad.