She’s slowly dying in the dump without any strength left

This pitiful image broke my heart The girl was treated like trash, tied up in the dump She’s Love! she’s probably only a few months old, but her childhood has suffered so much With what little weak strength she had left, she managed to break free from the ropes But can’t be… Love’s body is small, covered with mud, without any food or water Since when did she have to endure this situation? With love and compassion.

I can’t turn my back on Love! She will slowly die in the dump if she is not rescued I took Love to a veterinary clinic Love has a serious stomach infection from the garbage and feces she consumes in an attempt to survive, her skin is infected and her hair is falling out a lot She was given intravenous fluids, iron supplements, and antibiotics. and is continuously monitored around the clock Looking into Love’s eyes, I see her trying so hard for her survival.