Lying in the sewer, I called but he didn’t answer I touched him, he was cold as ice

Upon receiving calls from people at the scene, the rescue team quickly appeared. It was not clear what happened to him, but for sure he was in critical condition. The people at the scene also didn’t know the cause. But maybe he was hit by a car because there were many blood marks on his head. He had been lying there for a long time without anyone helping. Someone heard his screams but they still left. His body froze because it was bone-chilling cold outside.

I had to use a very thick blanket to keep him warm. His name is Ulan and he was at the hospital. Ulan was hospitalized in a pretty critical condition, Extremely low body temperature, difficulty breathing, shock, blood loss . Doctors had to clean the wound, clean his body and wait for him to settle down, then continue to take X-rays. Early in the morning, Ulan was X-rayed and as a result, his hip was broken, But with the current situation Ulan can’t have surgery. Serum therapy had been performed.