He lay motionless on the cold ground, his body pitifully emaciated

Today we received relief information from a local in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They said their family raised a dog but unfortunately he got sick nearly a month ago. They just fed him and gave him a little tonic to make him more healthy. I traveled more than 100 km since morning to get to this area but had to ask a lot of locals to find the dog’s place. Fortunately, this place is right next to the main road. It was almost dark by now. They waited for us a long time before that. Oh man, his condition was quite heavy. He lying motionless on the cold ground, his body was pitifully emaciated. If only I had met him earlier he wouldn’t have been in this situation.

According to the owner, the dog had been lying still since morning. In the previous days, he even got up, could walk a little. His name is Khun. Khun’s body was very thin. I understand why they can treat their dogs so badly? Before examining Khun, we had to ask about Kun’s previous condition through the owner. Through preliminary explanation of the owner, he could suffer from many diseases. Parasitic diseases of the intestinal tract, mycosis, Canine distemper. The area where he is often kept in captivity that looks like a storehouse of their family. Now we will over-examine Khun’s entire body. Then I will give him some necessary injections and take him to the doctor. Khun suffered from anemia, dermatitis, and body weakness.